Executive Samurai Program

36942_131190120237573_8310897_nThe focus of this course is to develop a clear and steadfast mind and a healthy body in the senior executive. This course achieves this by combining mind and body exercises designed to challenge the student, but to place them in no danger of injury. The student will study the following areas:

 – Kombatan Arms – Philippine Weaponary
 – Ken Jutsu – Japanese Swordmanship
 – Eastern Strategy and Philosophy
 – Western Strategy and Philosophy
 – Meditation
 – Chess

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Corporate Self Defence

There is a growing trend in companies providing their employees with personal safety training in the workplace as part of their corporate well-being initiatives for their staff. The course provides a great opportunity for team building and boosting  company morals as well as protection.

The course can be conducted either on your premises or at our own.

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