Muay Thai (Freestyle Martial Arts)

Freestyle Martial Arts Muay Thai is a form of kickboxing using traditional Thai Kickboxing techniques. It incorporates kicks, knees, elbows, and grappling with Western Boxing. Kickboxing is an effective form of self-defence, one in which you learn how to fight quickly. It offers an exciting and alternative method of getting fit, getting muscle toning and flexibility, whilst gaining self-confidence along the way.

Kickboxing is fast and explosive and training can be non-contact, semi-contact or full contact using ring fighting. Suitable for people of all ages.

Kickboxing offers:

– Dynamic fitness
– Self defence
– Enhanced muscle tone
– Flexibility
– Self confidence

Karate (Freestyle Martial Arts)

Freestyle Martial Arts Kids Karate is an innovative program which was designed specifically for primary school aged children between 5 – 13 years. It was developed out a need to provide a safe and exciting training system which kept young minds enthused and at the same time, led them directly into the senior Karate classes. The grading system has been modified to enable young martial artists to gain a solid grounding in both the physical and martial aspects of Karate. All grading requirements are taken from the Senior Karate curriculum but are spread out over a much longer time frame.

The aims and objectives of the Kids Karate Program are: – to provide basic Martial Arts based training

– to provide basic self defence skills
– to develop a healthy attitude to sport
– to improve self esteem
– to develop basic motor skills
– to develop group socialization
– to learn to co-operate with others
– to develop basic discipline
– to have fun!

Karate is a form of unarmed combat in which a person learns to defend themselves from a variety of attacks. It includes the application of / and defence from locks, chokes, throws or strikes with the feet, hands, elbows and knees. It also incorporates traditional forms and weapons training. Karate is perfect for those who want to learn not only to “kick and punch” but also to learn self respect, discipline, and to gain courage and honour. It is practical training and the benefits can be applied for realistic situations in everyday life.

The goal of a Martial Artist is to blend all the best and most practical styles into one.