Freestyle Martial Arts Karate FMA is a form of unarmed combat in which a person learns to defend themselves from a variety of attacks. It includes the applications of katas and self defence techniques, weapons including.
The Freestyle karate goal, is to blend all the best and most practical styles into one. We follow traditional values with modern combat solutions , we are an open system, and as such we have to be open to influences and ideas from all around the world.

FMA Karate is a complete package and will help the student:

 – learn practical and defence
 – self esteem
 – train the body, mind and soul
 – improve self respect
 – enhance morals and ethics
 – keep an open mind
 – philosophies of the martial arts
 – self control
 – integrity
 – benevolence
 – humility
 – conceptual thinking
 – improve all aspects of fitness

FMA Karate is perfect for those who want to learn not only to “kick and punch” but learn self respect, discipline and gain courage and honour. The practical nature of the training benefits real life situations and the ideas and lessons learnt can be applied everyday (*Note:  FMA Kids karate is also available)

Using modern self defence principles with traditional values, we seek to constantly involve the system, improve ourselves and to be aware of creating the opportunities for the individuals within our organisation to achieve their personal best. We are proud, not only of our system, but of the many thousands of students that have developed from it. Train with Seishin and we are sure you will find the experiemce fulfilling, exciting and most of all … enjoyable.

Starting Out

For those starting out in Karate, the equipment required is a Gi and a belt.

You’ll start out as a white belt, progressing through yellow, orange, blue, green, brown, black, 1st Dan / Degree, 2nd Dan, 3rd Dan etc. There is a well established and proven training syllabus and grading requirements for each level. Everybody is different and can progress at their own pace, however it usually takes 4 to 5 years to reach black belt.

Additional info

Freestyle karate has evolved from adding the principles and techniques of many martial arts disciplines together with the strong fighting tradition to form a modern, effective and comprehensive self defense system.