Movement/fitness class group sessions or one on one training available by appointment.

Whether you are an athlete looking to improve performance or someone who wants to be in the best health to enjoy life, we can help you. We have been training people to better health and fitness for over 37 years.

One on one personal training or group sessions are available.

Using a mixture of traditional strength, fitness and martial arts training methods with modern functional fitness techniques, you can increase your strength and agility, burn fat, improve muscle tone and get great results without placing undue stress on your joints, bones and muscles.

Our MOVEMENT/ FITNESS class offers a total body functional body weight workout designed to assist you with everyday life.

It offers a variation to standard fitness training. We open the sensors and systems of the body.

Our qualified instructors specialise in:

– Bodyweight/ Animal Flow and primal  (Functional)
– Flexibility
– Weight Loss / Gain
– Nutrition
– Toning / Strength
– Children’s Fitness
– Lifestyle Changes

With a huge variety of exercises available and experienced instructors, we will create a program that will meet your goals and that you’ll never get bored of.

Coach Doug Spear has over 37 years experience in martial arts training and 26 years as a Personal Trainer, incorporating functional and primal / animal flow movements, kickboxing, karate, mixed martial arts, yoga, judo, brazilian jiu jitsu, savate and wrestling, firefighting  and fitness training drills. These provide countless different training techniques, drills and strengthening exercises to draw on to create a fun, exciting fitness training program.

Bodyweight training

A variety of bodyweight training and primal/animal exercises can be used to increase strength and size, endurance, bone joint and connective tissue strength whilst also burning fat.

and more …

We also use rope training exercise (you’ll have seen footballers doing these exercises on TV with heavy ropes to improve full body strength), sprinting, distance running, swimming programs.