Andrew Wallace is a professional fire fighter, martial arts, fitness instructor and motivational speaker who started his martial arts training in 1995. He currently trains students in fitness, Thai kickboxing, combative self defence and Mixed Martial Arts and is also the fitness coach for the North Beach Under 18’s Rugby League Club. Andrew fought, with Doug as his corner man, in the first ever Mixed Martial Arts competition in WA in 2001 and remains in the leaders in the development of the sport in this state.

Andrew holds the following qualifications:

– 4th degree probationary Black Belt Karate (Zen Do Kai) Sensei – Bob Jones Martial Arts

– 3rd Degree Black  / Red Singlet Level 5 Muay Thai Kickboxing Instructor – Bob Jones Martial Arts

– 1st Degree Black Belt – Mixed Martial Arts – Australian Mixed Martial Arts Association

– Blue Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Instructor) – Australian Jiu Jitsu and Grappling Association

– Instructor in Combative Self Defence – International College of Martial Arts

– Certificate III Sports Trainer

– Advanced Resuscitation and Senior First Aid Qualified – St John Ambulance Association

– Accredited Muay Thai Judge World Kickboxing Association

– Accredited Muay Thai Referee – World Kickboxing Association

– WA State Bushido of the Year (Zen Do Kai) 2006

– WA State Instructor of the Year (Zen Do Kai) 2006

– WA State ZDK / BJC Student of the Year 2005