Kenjutsu / Japanese Swordmanship

  Kenjutsu is considered classical bujutsu (art of the war of martial art), having been well formulated prior to the Meiji reformation (the classical / modern dividing line). Classical Kenjutsu ryu (schools) tend to be quite secretive of their techniques, being very closed to outsiders. Classical kenjutsu ryu are the closest to classical warrior training […]

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Kids Martial Arts & Fitness Programs

Kids Karate is an innovative program which was designed specifically for primary school aged children between 5 – 13 years. It was developed out a need to provide a safe and exciting training system which kept young minds enthused and at the same time, led them directly into the senior Karate classes. The grading system […]

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Competition Fighting

Release your inner warrior and become our next champ! We have fighters in Muay Thai, MMA, submission wrestling, boxing and BJJ. Competitions are held regularly. Contact Us for further information

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Self Defence Courses

Statistics show that women are more prone to being attacked than men. These attacks manifest themselves in two ways: Sexual and Purely Physical, such as domestic violence. The majority of attacks on women are physical, however, these attacks can often lead to a sexual attack. At Seishin we offer specialist Women’s Self Defence courses aimed to give you […]

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Karate is a form of unarmed combat in which a person learns to defend themselves from a variety of attacks. It includes the application of and defence from locks, chokes, throws or strikes with the feet, hands, elbows and knees. It also incorporates traditional forms (kata) and weapons training. Click here to read more and […]

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Andrew Wallace – Senior Instructor

Andrew Wallace is a professional fire fighter, martial arts, fitness instructor and motivational speaker who started his martial arts training in 1995. He currently trains students in fitness, Thai kickboxing, combative self defence and Mixed Martial Arts and is also the fitness coach for the North Beach Under 18’s Rugby League Club. Andrew fought, with […]

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Doug Spear – Chief Instructor

Biography-Doug Spear Born on the 24th of August 1968, Doug Spear is a professional martial artist, personal fitness and movement coach and musician (guitar), who started studying martial arts in Perth in 1982. Additionally, Doug is a professional firefighter with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services of Western Australia since 1992. Since his first class, […]

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